The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

There's a reason that the Percy Jackson fandom includes tens of millions of people across the world. With a movie that left many fans of the book feeling betrayed by Hollywood-style special effects that overshadow the heart of the story, Rob Rockicki and Joe Tracz went back to the original source material and have written a stunning musical that will instantly make you a Percy Jackson Fan 4 Lyfe.

From the moment the energetic cast bursts onto the stage for the opening number of this new rock musical, you know you're in for a treat. Future megastar (and awesomely named, say it fast) Chris McCarrell plays Percy. This dreamboat embodies the character so well that you can't imagine anyone else playing the role. George Salazar (Godspell, Be More Chill) steals practically every scene he's in as Percy's best friend and also as a dramatic camp director.

Director Stephen Brackett brilliantly makes the already-relatable story even more relatable for 2017 with what feels like the theater equivalent of a purposefully scrappy, yet extremely popular, YouTube video with tens of millions of views. As you can hear in the Sneak Peek video on this page, the music and lyrics sound simply delicious. This is the kind of musical you walk out of wanting to listen to the cast recording immediately.

If you are the kind of adult who loves a Harry Potter movie night like we do, then head over to the Lucille Lortel Theater Off-Broadway for a really fun night at the theater.

P/S Tickets are already selling out fast, so don't sleep on this!

Runs through May 6.

Sneak peek of the show in rehearsal and interviews with the cast and crew!

Check out these gorgeous production photos by Jeremy Daniel: