In 2019, the marketing strategy for a Broadway show cannot rely on traditional advertising, press, and social media marketing alone. Influencers and content creators have audiences that salivate for their every word and recommendation because they know their audience so well and what resonates with them…and what doesn’t. Get your show (or theater company! or theater-related brand!) in front of tens of millions of potential ticket buyers via YesBroadway’s influencer marketing packages, which include:

  • Targeted list development and management to harness the right influencers and content creators for your show

  • On-site VIP audience concierge service

  • Sponsored content curation and execution

Traditional theater influencers can kickstart buzz and maintain momentum around a show, but the real magic happens in leveraging non-theater influencers, such as: YouTubers, Twitch stars, and lifestyle bloggers from the worlds of fashion and travel to talk about your shows via creative, genuine, and authentic content. You can now access audiences in that hard-to-reach Under 40 demographic. Think: the kind of people who have never even heard of last year’s Best Musical winner, thus introducing your show to a huge untapped market of ticketbuyers.

The key to any influencer marketing strategy is treating influencers as partners rather than part of a tit-for-tat advertising channel, which is where YesBroadway comes in. We develop relationships that pay off beyond simply having influencers attend your show by translating their attendance into content that increases ticket sales.

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Check out  this article  on YesBroadway’s influencer marketing work on  Be More Chill.

Check out this article on YesBroadway’s influencer marketing work on Be More Chill.