by Brookelynn Mason

The world can’t get enough of the extremely popular musical, The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. Lucky for us New Yorkers, it’s on a very successful national tour and is (re)stopping in NYC for one weekend only. But, oh what a weekend it will be! You gotta see this show that is SO DAMN GOOD that fans have screamed for more and their cries were heard! This is a RED ALERT!

Meet the cast of the 2017 Off-Broadway production, many of which are still with the show, in the video below:

The music in this show is SO good (thanks, Rob Rokicki!). Even if you are not typically into showtunes, you'll love it! And hey, if you don't trust us and want to pregame before the concert, there is an original cast recording for your listening pleasure!

Photos: Jeremy Daniel

Also, bonus: There is nobody possibly more fitting for the role of Percy Jackson than dreamboat Chris McCarrell. He brings out the core of the character in a way that almost (almost!) makes us forget the Hollywood disaster that was the movie. 

Runs March 28-31.