After touring the country for the past year or so, the immersive theater piece As Much As I Can is finally playing in NYC at a very cool converted church in Harlem. The show was created with and about young gay and bisexual black men living in two cities where the HIV epidemic is especially prevalent in their communities: Jackson, MS and Baltimore, MD and is part of ViiV Healthcare's four-year,  10 million dollar initiative called ACCELERATE!, which encourages community-driven solutions to the continuing HIV/AIDS crisis.

Photos: Harley & Co. (Note: the first photo shows the production as it was integrated into the Baltimore War Memorial, but still gives you a sense of what the experience is like.)

Director James Walsh creates magic with this intimate, yet spectacular, show and your heart will be racing for most of the 2-hour run time. The acting is raw, gritty, and so real you often can't tell who is an audience member and who is a cast member. As the story progresses, audience members are led (sometimes together, other times separated by color-coded bracelets) into various rooms, all immaculately designed: HIV clinic waiting rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, a drag bar, and even a church complete with live gospel music. This show *literally* takes you to church!

The best part? Tickets are FREE, but you must request them via the link below. As Much As I Can is an absolute must-see!

Runs through May 24.