Banner Image: Chad Batka

5 reasons you need to see The Great Comet immediately:

1. This is sexy musical theater that is ALIVE with youthful energy. The music is fresh and exciting (think indie rock showtunes with Russian folk music sprinkled in), the story is super smart, and the whole thing is like a really cool hipster musical theater fever dream.

2. The direction is innovative AF. YesBroadway 40 Under 40 star director Rachel Chavkin smoothly introduces immersive theater to a commercial Broadway audience with most of the action taking place amongst the audience. There's nothing like a Broadway performer's vocal chords vibrating your chair as they belt a gorgeous song a few feet away from you. 

3. The Balaga scene in Act Two is worth the price of admission alone. It is an ecstatically choreographed 10+ minute dance number (by 40 Under 40 choreographer Sam Pinkleton!) that you lose yourself so completely in that you don't even care what terrible things might be happening in the world just outside the theater's doors.

4. The cast is diverse AF. Special shoutout to 40 Under 40 star Amber Gray, who slays as the slut Helene.  

5. You can sit onstage! Tip: pay special attention to the seating chart when buying tickets. If you can afford it, DEFINITELY opt for an onstage table. It's really fun to be inches away from the performers as they knock it out of the goddamned park.

NOTE: Okieriete “Oak” Onaodowan (from the original cast of Hamilton) will play the role of Pierre through August 13th. Then, Scott Stangland August 15-20. And finally, composer Dave Malloy for the final performances August 22-September 3.

Runs through September 3.