5 Reasons You Should See Bandstand

by Alyssa Cusick

1. Whether you appreciate a classic feel-good musical, high-energy swing dancing, or an original story that gives you all the feels, this show will have you entertained from start to finish. 

2. You don’t need to be a history buff to enjoy this great story. While it takes place in post-war 1940’s, it's more about these vets' passion for music and how that gets them through tough times.

3. Lead Corey Cott learned to play piano for this role (and we are very appreciative) and many of the leading actors actually play in a live band onstage. These quadruple threats will have you sitting in awe the entire show.

Photos: Jeremy Daniel

4. It’s no surprise that choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler received yet another Tony® Award for this show, not to mention how wonderfully it is carried out on stage (we're lookin' at you, hottie ensemble member Max Clayton). With Blankenbuehler also being the director of Bandstand in addition to choreographing it, we can vouch that his vision is admirably portrayed. 

5. So much more than fun music and great dancing can be expected when entering the theatre doors. Bandstand sends a message of hope and empowerment to people of all ages. Want to leave a theatre feeling like you can accomplish anything? Get your ticket. You won’t be disappointed!

Runs until September 17.