5 Reasons You Should See The Government Inspector:

1. Michael Urie, Michael Urie, Michael Urie. We don't deserve him! A+ comedy chops, a dedicated performance, and he's really nice to look at. You'll be doubled over in laughter when his character gets drunk for an entire 20-minute scene. Dreamboat times a million! 

2. Modern parlance. Jeffrey Hatcher's adaptation of this 1800s Russian farce is extremely accessible. The Government Inspector is easy to follow, very much NOT stuffy and literary, and extraordinarily hilarious when the actors use modern mannerisms to deliver their lines.

3. The entire audience was enthralled. It is rare to see ~150 people all completely on board with what's happening on the stage. Watching this play is like watching your "happy drunk" friend get wasted: the opposite of boring!

4. Mary Testa. She's a Broadway legend for a reason. Mary hams it up, delights, and gives a literal wink to those of us in the audience who would also love to try seducing Michael Urie...a.k.a. everyone.

5. It is super bright and energetic. You can feel the energy in the room! It feels like a summer rooftop pool party that you're really glad you got invited to. Bring rosé...er, vodka!

Runs through August 20.

Photos: Carol Rosegg