5 Reasons You Should See Seeing You:

1. There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who have seen Sleep No More (or a similar piece) and want more immersive theater in their lives AND those who have yet to experience how amazing immersive theater is. Immersive theater is everything…you gotta get into it! You know that feeling when a movie really “transports” you to a different time and place? Well, immersive theater does that…but you get to walk around in it. Immersive theater is tangible. You can literally touch and feel it.

2. The cast, and audience for that matter, of Seeing You is extremely sexy. This is downtown hipster theater, not for 70-year old Upper East Side ladies who call her “Bette Mid-lah”. There’s (almost) nudity, super sensual dancing two feet - OR LESS! - in front of your face, and the whole thing is very arousing…er, appealing.

3. This story is urgent and relevant. You will walk out questioning how World War 2 could have been so brutal, even if it was less than 100 years ago.

4. This infusive piece is (or can be) intense AF. This is not for the faint of heart! Definitely get a drink beforehand* and prepare for what the ticket calls “philosophical discomfort”. You will be challenged and come out 90 minutes later a better person. Best part about immersive theater? You control the intensity and can very easily step back when you need a breather and get right back up in there when you're ready.

5. The super cool warehouse space where it is performed is under the High Line. Any tourists at this show are the cool, hot, young European kind…not families with mouse ear hats looking for a wax museum. *Bonus: it’s on 14th Street and 10th Avenue, right below a terrace café on the High Line where you can get a pre-show glass of rosé.

Runs through July 30.

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