5 Reasons Why Theatre for the New Audience's Measure for Measure Was Awesome

by Joe Lattanzi

Photos: Gerry Goodstein and Henry Grossman

Although it is already closed, here's why it was awesome:

1. You were actually able to understand what was going on, even if you’re unfamiliar with the play (and considering this is one of the least produced of Shakespeare’s works, you probably are unfamiliar with the play). 

2. Jonathan Cake. As Duke Vincentio, Mr. Cake has it all: charm, wit, depth, and the ability to make every audience member feel as though he is having a direct, intimate conversation with each and every one of them. His good looks and British baritone don’t hurt either. Wink

3. There’s a lot of raunchy humor in M4M, and the actor’s playing the various clowns in this production knew how to land every bawdy line with maximum impact. 

4. There was a live band and they were phenomenal. Whether they were on the sidelines, or part of the action on stage, the musical arrangements and band members really gave this show a live-concert feel (the stellar lighting design enhanced the mood further) without taking away from the drama on stage. 

5. You had the option to enter the theater through Mistress Overdone’s brothel: the backstage areas of the theater were transformed with red lighting, a plethora of sex toys, and tableaus of masked and mimed sex acts. And though these affects are fun, if not a little cheesy, the real adventure lied in having a rare glimpse at the meandering underbelly of a theater. 

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