KPOP is an immersive musical taking NYC by storm. It's time you find out how awesome K-Pop is if you never have!

5 Reasons You gotta See KPOP:

1. It's immersive! Explore the elaborate K-Pop factory designed by the immersive theater company Woodshed Collective as you play the role of the focus group that is being used to gauge whether or not America is ready for K-Pop. The sets are amazing and the costumes are immaculate. This is theater that you can touch and feel! Wear your dancing shoes and be prepared to go "all in" at this theatrical experience.

2. You'll spend the entire time with a smile on your face a mile wide. The show is hilarious and joyous, even when intense drama breaks out between budding popstars. You'll leave after the grand finale concert feeling like you just watched Beyoncé performing 10 feet in front of you.

3. Ashley Park. YOU ARE NOT READY for this future megastar! Ashley recently knocked it out of the park on Broadway in Sunday In The Park With George and is about to slay again as one of the Mean Girls. In KPOP, spend 20+ intimate minutes in her glorious pink dressing room-like chamber as she acts her face off as a pop star who is already aging out of her fame at age 26. ALERT: Marina Kondo has taken over the role of MwE for the remainder of the run so that Ashley can focus on Mean Girls. Tip: Sit on the white rug in MwE's chamber when'll be so glad you did!

Photos: Ben Arons

4. Jason Tam. This Level 10 Red Alert Hottie pulls off the lead heartthrob in a K-Pop boy band so well that you'll hardly be able to keep it together when he grins and winks at you in the middle of an energetic dance rehearsal. Hashtag SWOON!

5. The music is awesome. 40 Under 40 star Max Vernon already rocked Off-Broadway this year with his musical The View UpStairs and is back at it again co-writing the music and lyrics of KPOP. Max and co-composer Helen Park have written radio-ready tunes that will leave you praying that a cast recording gets made.

KPOP is a total A+. Run, do not walk, to see this!

Runs until October 21.