The only setting for Jitney is a gypsy cab station. Drivers come and go Taxi-style, and raw and powerful moments erupt from the well worn banter of co-workers. Scenes between a father and son and a boyfriend and girlfriend have that signature richness and depth from playwright August Wilson, who also wrote this year's Oscar contender Fences.

André Holland stands out as the hardworking, hustling Youngblood - but the show really crackles when he is teamed up with Carra Patterson as his patient-to-a-point long term girlfriend. If you've ever gotten into a big time blowout with your significant other about a surprise gift, this scene will especially resonate.

Bonus: the show takes place in the 1970s, so you can imagine how awesome the costumes are!

Runs until March 12th on Broadway.

Andrew Holland and Carra Patterson. Photos: Joan Marcus

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