by Sam Maher

Cruel Intentions, The 90s Musical Experience is amazeballs. It takes place at the downtown concert venue (le) Poisson Rouge where you can keep the drinks flowing during the show and have the time of your life reliving your high school rich kid fantasies. First thing you need to know? It's a musical version of the cult movie featuring all your favorite 90s songs that they pull out of nowhere and somehow make PERFECT sense in the storyline. By the end, you'll feel like you just had a 90s wet dream that will make you straight-up scream with joy.

5 Moments in Cruel Intentions When You're Gonna Lose Your Mind:

1. The mom from Home Improvement singing TLC's "No Scrubs". Yup. TWICE! Patricia Richardson plays the Christine Baranski role, which adds an extra 90s flair to the whole situation.

2. Carrie St. Louis’ version of No Doubt’s "Just A Girl". She plays the Reese Witherspoon role and it’s one of those rare times when a cover sounds better than the original. You are NOT READY for how good Carrie's voice is. Sneak peek in the video below!

3. The 'N SYNC/Backstreet Boys sing-off between the two gay characters in the show, which is pure Boy Band Heaven! Broadway favorite Alex Boniello is dreamy AF as the Joshua Jackson role.

Photos: Jenny Anderson

4. "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Remember that song? I almost got arrested for trying to steal the cassette single of it from Walmart in 10th grade (wtf?), but tonight 36 Questions and Hadestown star Jessie Shelton (in the Selma Blair role) and Matthew Griffin will steal your heart with their rendition of this forgotten 90s gem.

5. "Bittersweet Symphony". Of course they do this one..and of course it’s awesome! The entire cast sings it and you’ll be floating on air when they do. Or is that just all the drinks you had during the show?

We say yes, yes, and more yes to Cruel Intentions. 

Pro tip: Superfans of the movie can get VIP Secret Society tickets!

Runs through April 8.

Sneak peek of some of the songs and meet the cast in this video: