by Brookelynn Mason and Sam Maher

You've probably heard the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice--guy's girl dies, and he travels into the depths of the Underworld to strike a deal with Hades to retrieve her. This is the basis for Hadestown. Add in a diverse cast of extremely talented human beings, a delicious folk music score (Anaïs Mitchell, we see you!), and you've got an idea of just how unique and amazing this show is.

Photos: Matthew Murphy

Originally a concept album set in a Depression-era dreamscape, Hadestown was showcased Off-Broadway at New York Theatre Workshop in 2016 and received RAVE reviews. A 2017 production in Canada and a 2018 production on the West End was also well received. Both productions demonstrated the absolute flawlessness of Amber Gray, who killed it in The Great Comet on Broadway.

Hadestown is everything we like at YesBroadway: Anaïs Mitchell's music is fresh, unique, and exciting; Rachel Chavkin's staging is nothing short of visionary and innovative; the cast is diverse and full of talented people of color; and, of course, the story is relatable.

A live recording of the New York Theater Workshop production was released last year. We dare you to try not to fall for it just as hard as we have!