The frontpersons of the folk-punk group The Bengsons are a married couple who have a lovely story to tell you about how they met…and they do it through their incredible music. Their show, Hundred Days, is staged more like a well-directed concert than a piece of theater, making it extremely accessible to music fans. This is theater as an indie rock concert!

You’ll fall in love very quickly with The Bengsons and their music at this show. Their performance is urgent, visceral, and overflowing with rich emotions. The title song, in which they imagine what they would do if one of them had only 100 days to live, is a musical orgasm that will make you feel like you did in your 20s at an indie rock concert and the band played your favorite song and you just wanted to scream “Do that one again, please!”

Photos: Joan Marcus

There are several other people in the band, including the dreamy Jo Lampert who knocked it out of the goddamned park as Joan herself in David Byrne’s Joan of Arc: Into The Fire at the Public Theater last winter. Buzzy choreographer Sonya Tayeh of So You Think You Can Dance is the movement director and she and director Anne Kauffman work to redefine the genre of musical theater and to ultimately challenge us to consider what musical theater can (and should?) be: urgently speaking the language of hard-to-reach theatergoers.

Hundred Days is really awesome. Get a sneak peek in the videos below!

Runs through December 31.