We get the most excited around here when musical theater feels dangerous. Beardo is an epic indie-rock musical about Rasputin that is staged at a church in Brooklyn and no one is safe from the dark magic it conjures. Composer Dave Malloy wrote the music and will surely enjoy just as much tremendous success with Beardo as he is on Broadway right now with The Great Comet. His score is simply delicious. The book and lyrics, by Jason Craig, are hilariously relatable to life in 2017 and brilliantly anachronistic -- there's something extremely comforting about watching Beardo (Rasputin) strum a ukulele in ragamuffin threads and sing a love song about a future Wikipedia page dedicated to his penis. 

Speaking of things that deserve Wikipedia pages, you likely won't forget Damon Daunno's legendary performance as Beardo himself for a long time. His 2.5 hour tour-de-force portrayal of this tortured historical figure is sexy from beginning to end. This is a role that could win him a Tony Award one day without hesitation. He stunned in 2016's Hadestown and continues to make a real name for himself here. 

There's so many other extraordinary members in the cast as well who shine with knock-down, drag-out performances that scare the fuck out of you. This is ambitious theater that totally triumphs. Do not miss it! 

Runs until March 5.

Check out photos from the show by Suzi Sadler: