By Slade Sohmer (@Slade on Twitter)

There is more to Broadway than hip-hopped 18th-century American history. To wrap up the year, here are 10 of the best nights of theater in 2016. These aren’t necessarily the 10 best shows in NYC right now; rather, these are the best theater-going experiences that one person you may or may not know experienced. As we all know, theater is very much the Snapchat of entertainment: wholly ephemeral, entirely personal, and occasionally there are nudes. Now...on with the show!

#1: Dear Evan Hansen

“You will be found,” they sing, and they’re right -- you will be found swimming in a puddle of your tears on the floor of the theater when the lights come up. Ben Platt’s brilliant performance as the title character has already shut down the Best Actor category at the 2017 Tonys: One second he’s showing off a mastery of comedic timing, the next he’s a literal mess of real tears and snot and spit. Rachel Bay Jones, between this role and Catherine in Pippin, is carving out a legacy as the Queen of Act II. And Will Roland as Evan’s best family friend is the breakout star of the season. Have seen this one three times in 2016 and it’s not nearly enough. Go, now. 

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Honorable Mentions

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