You should definitely see MCC Theater’s The Light. If you don’t know about the theater company MCC, they always put up theater that will knock you on my feet with not only how good it is, but how socially provocative and relevant it is. They are literally up in here disrupting NYC theater!

The Light is their first show in their amazing new space on 52nd Street and 10th Avenue. The playwright, Loy A. Webb, has written a love letter to black women and it will truly be one of the most special nights you’ll ever have in the theater. Loy wants her work to be a “neon blinking sign in the darkness saying, 'hope this way.’” The play provokes a really important (albeit challenging) conversation about around sexual violence and, specifically, how victims of color are often left on the periphery of those conversations.

Photos: Joan Marcus

The Light is a staggeringly good new play.

Runs through March 17.