LEAP - Artists Live is presenting The Movement this weekend, a musical by Kathy D. Harrison that chronicles the Children's March of 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama.


CHILDREN ARE THE UNSUNG HEROES - This narrative musical is told through the lens of children and teens. It gives a firsthand account of how thousands of young people in Birmingham were trained to peacefully protest the oppressive Jim Crow segregation laws. They were blasted with firehoses, attacked by dogs, and jailed, yet they never wavered in their fight for justice. A touching reminder that activism has no legal age. Their courage changed America!

THE A CAPPELLA SINGING - This full-length show features 90 minutes of hand clapping, foot stomping, soul stirring original music that will surely lift your spirits. The talented cast uses their voices to reflect the gospel protest songs that served as the soundtrack of the Civil Rights Era. These catchy melodies will surely linger in your head for weeks after you leave the theater.


BLACK HISTORY = AMERICAN HISTORY - What better way to celebrate Black History Month than by spotlighting a sometimes overlooked moment in our country's fight for Civil Rights through the arts. It's a wonderful way to honor, celebrate and learn about an important time in American History. A perfect combination of history and the arts. This is arts education at its best!

THE CAST & CREATOR - In addition to these artists boasting a number of professional credits, they all are also LEAP Teaching Artists who share the stage with some of the same students they serve. The writer and composer, Kathy D. Harrison, is a playwright, songwriter, and director who works in creative youth development.  She wrote The Movement Musical in 2009, as a part of an untold stories series through her company, Diversity Youth Theater. Since that time, this work has traveled to The National Black Theatre Festival and was featured on WNYC. 

AFFORDABLE & FAMILY FRIENDLY - While a trip to the theater can sometimes cost a fortune, this is an event that an entire family can enjoy. At only $25, this production is truly a full experience that will fill you with emotions, melodies and nuggets of history all without draining your pockets.

Only two performances left: Saturday, February 16 and Sunday February 17!