It’s no coincidence that the title of the theatrical ritual WHAT TO SEND UP WHEN IT GOES DOWN is in all caps: it’s loud and unapologetic in its response to the anti-black violence that plagues our country. This important work is being done by The Movement Theatre Company, whose founders were featured in YesBroadway’s 2018 40 Under 40.

Aleshea Harris (who wrote the extraordinarily good Is God Is earlier this year) wrote WHAT TO SEND UP WHEN IT GOES DOWN, which is theater-as-ritual that is grounded in reality, but purposely blurs the line between audience and performers to keep it extra real. Together with director Whitney White (hey, also in the 40 Under 40!) and the fired-up cast of eight, everyone involved conspires to ensure that there’s zero chance you leave without being as angry as they are. They are NOT here for your continued passive objections to what’s going on in the world.

Photos: Ahron R. Foster

The ritual is made extra special by exquisite performances all around, but special shoutouts are deserved for Ugo Chukwu, who everyone loved in this year’s [PORTO] , and Rachel Christopher, who delivers a monologue near the end of the ritual that will rip your heart right out of your chest.

WHAT TO SEND UP WHEN IT GOES DOWN is an unforgettable experience and an important step in processing and dealing with the spiraling madness going on around us.

Runs through December 16.