Homerun Alert: Is God Is at Soho Rep is playwright Aleshea Harris' triumphant new play about twin sisters on a mission to avenge their mother and themselves from an abusive father. It's stylized, epic, and macabre. Prepare for your dreams to be haunted for weeks to come, thanks in part to the blazing performances of its two leading ladies: Alfie Fuller and Dame-Jasmine Hughes. Dame-Jasmine will especially knock your socks off as the hilarious leader of the pair who is out for blood and ready to stop at nothing to get it.

Photos: Julieta Cervantes

Taibi Magar's extraordinarily exciting direction stuns and delights at every turn of the sisters' crazy adventure. And that scenic design? It's straight-up INSPIRED! You're in for a real treat when you see how they pulled this off in such a small space.

Get in on the theatrical fireworks that is Is God Is!

Pro Tip: Soho Rep offers 99 cent tickets on Sunday nights (March 4 and 11th), but you'll need to get in line super early to have a chance of getting in!

Runs through March 31.