Marvin's Room is a1990 play about estranged family members facing death together. This stylized production from Roundabout Theatre Company features three megastars! Janeane Garofalo, who needs no introduction, stars alongside Six Feet Under and American Crime's Lili Taylor and Junebug’s Celia Weston. 

This is one of those brilliant plays that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Escape to the simpler times of the Florida of 20-30 years ago, when cellphones definitely weren't a thing and garage doors opened without having to use the Nest app on your iPhone. Remember when your Grandma's colorful Caboodle makeup kit was the most eccentric thing in your life?

The cast also features School of Rock's Luca Padovan from our 40 under 40 list and rising star Jack DiFalco, who truly delivers in a classic angry teenager role.

Runs through August 27.

Photos: Joan Marcus | Banner Image: Chris Buck