Hamlet. A Version.

By Francesca Volpe

A fresh interpretation of Hamlet has hit the NY stage! Hamlet. A Version., written by best-selling Russian mystery writer Boris Akunin, and presented by Red Lab Theatre and Roust Theatre Company, keeps the action set in 15th century Denmark, but incorporates a somewhat modern twist in this offbeat production. 

Unlike the Hamlet we've come to know, this new adaptation (one of four notable productions we recently profiled) shifts its main focus from the title character to his friend, Horatio, and brings contemporary political issues to the forefront. Minimal in set design, the impressive use of projections and lighting makes the atmosphere in each scene a character in itself! 

Solidly directed with clever stylistic choices by Irina Gachechiladze and lead by a powerhouse cast, Hamlet. A Version does a fantastic job at keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats. Clocking in at 100 minutes long, it is a fascinating, well-thought exploration of the human condition. Do not miss your opportunity to experience this phenomenal production! 

Runs through May 7, 2017

Photos: Jeremy Daniel