The Reckless Season

By Brian Cudina

I give this show an "X" for buried treasure. If you’re not a theater-person you’ll still enjoy The Reckless Season. “But why?” Well, you sit in a medium sized room, where the set flows into each other and just feels like a living space. Despite the “indie look”, Theater Lab has tons of lighting effects, with cool gun shot and video game sounds to help enhance the experience.

There's only 4 actors, and it’s a simple tale of a brother coming home from war to his younger brother, little bro’s co-worker, and the drug dealer. The pace is rapid, and keeps your attention, while the comedy and drama see-saws seamlessly to keep your emotions guessing.

The performances are gripping, and when you are 2 feet away from an actor dripping snot from crying, you kinda have to believe his performance. I’d bet 99% of you haven’t heard of The Reckless Season, but you should. Just trust us on this one.  

Photos: Kate Hess Photography