And She Would Stand Like This

RuPaul's Drag Race vibes in this modern version of an epic Greek tragedy. Brave, fierce, and "a theatrical slap"...a wake-up call on so many levels!

5 Reasons You Should See It:

1. Woke Level: A Billion. The Movement Theatre Company lives up to its Instagram bio in this production "bringing voices of Black and Latinx Trans women and queer men to the stage." Access to culture and dope art like this is why you live in NYC. Now, get out and experience it!

2. Incredible production values. The set, lights, costumes, and sound design are all Broadway-quality, and director David Mendizábal keeps this energetic show moving like a freight train speeding towards Fabulous Station.

Photos: Ahron R. Foster

3. Cherrye J. Davis. She delivers an relentlessly gripping and robust performance as a mother with a sick child. This Queen goes IN.

4. The crowd is young, hip, and sexy. THIS is the kind of energetic diversity that should define all NYC theater audiences. You don't need to wear boring dress clothes to fit in here!

5. It is a REALLY nice theater space, both physically and emotionally. The show is performed at a brand spankin' new theater on 53rd Street and 10th Avenue that makes you glad to forget cranky Broadway ushers who seem like they hate their job. This is: sleek gender-neutral bathrooms and warm and kind smiles from everyone from the moment you walk in the door (literally!).

Runs through August 6. Tickets are only $20!