YEN is crazy! Enter into this disgusting world of two teenage half-brothers living in a flat with no parental supervision in a rough suburb of London and you'll never want to leave it. Grime music is playing loudly as you come into the theater and energetic video projections of those grimy parts of Europe you don't normally see on tv form the backdrop of the stage. Incredible tension permeates the stage from the first second of this awesome new play and when the boys' mother wanders home seconds away from an overdose, shit starts going down. When a neighbor girl from Wales gets involved, things really start to get weird. Lucas Hedges is nominated for an Oscar for Manchester By The Sea and you can clearly see why with his ridiculously good stage performance in YEN. In fact, all four actors are so good that they make you feel like these under-evolved humans they are portraying exist in full life force up on that stage. YEN will break your heart and stomp on it and you will be so glad it did. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

Runs through March 4. 

Photos: Joan Marcus