Mark my words: Slave Play at New York Theater Workshop will go down in theater history. Playwright Jeremy O. Harris is still only in his third year at the Yale School of Drama and yet his professional debut has Off-Broadway turned on its head.

Going in, you don’t want to know what Slave Play is about. Even as someone who hates surprises, in general, let me tell you: read nothing about this hilariously uncomfortable show before you see it to make its impact all the more effective. Trust me on this.

All you need to know that it’s an extraordinarily brilliant piece of writing that is made even more extraordinary by Robert O’Hara’s brave direction and a cast of eight with zero weak links, which means each aspect of this production is even better than the next.

Photos: Joan Marcus

You’ll leave New York Theater Workshop’s East Village space stunned and needing time to process what you just experienced. That is, if you can get a ticket! This smart AF show is ALL THE RAGE.

P/S Again, Clint Ramos: please design every set forever, thanks!

Runs through January 13.