Banner Image: Matthew Murphy

King Kong on Broadway is a new musical that embraces the spectacle of itself.

Let’s start with the 20-foot high, 2000-pound puppet that is operated by more than 10 people. Is it cool? You bet your life it is. King Kong undoubtedly cost tens of millions of dollars to make and it shows in every scene he’s in. It’s so well done that you won’t be able to imagine that he isn’t a living, breathing animal. It’ll blow your freakin’ mind! Meet him:

You’ll also enjoy the transcendent performances of leading lady Christiani Pitts (that VOICE, omg!) and Be More Chill original cast member Eric William Morris. Meet them in this video:

There’s also some really great songs in the show that are catchy AF and definitely Spotify playlist-worthy. Peep the music video they released of the opening number from the show to get a taste:

King Kong is alive on Broadway and, indeed, very spectacular.

Runs through August 18.