Theater insiders have been buzzing about The Other Josh Cohen for years. It’s finally getting the full Off-Broadway production it deserves and you’ll be glad to know that it lives up to the hype…and then some! This hilarious rollercoaster of a show is just SO. WELL. DONE.

5 reasons you gotta see it:

1. It’s an original musical. Original musicals should always warrant your attention…and ticket purchase! Especially this one. The music is catchy AF (listen to the studio cast recording on Spotify here!), the story is clever and the way they tell the story is even And, this nicely budgeted Off-Broadway production is somehow shiny without losing what makes the show so special: its grittiness. This is charming musical theater at its finest.

2. David Rossmer and Steve Rosen. It’s really magical to watch the two guys who wrote it perform the lead role(s). You can tell they are loving every second of getting the chance to do this show again and you can see that joy in every line they say and note they sing. It’s an experience that is as special as watching Lin-Manuel Miranda perform Hamilton. Well…almost!

Photos: Caitlin McNaney

3. Hannah Elless. Someone please call the Crush Police because this performer needs to be arrested for extreme appeal! Not only can Hannah masterfully play roles in classic plays like Picnic and Summer and Smoke, she slays pop musical theater as well. She’s charming, talented, and (WHAT?!?) the badass drummer for this show! Cool it, Hannah. You’re turning us all into human versions of the heart eyes emoji!

4. Hunter Foster’s direction. Hunter is a veteran Broadway performer who is now making quite a name for himself as a director. He keeps this production tight and lets the energy of the story shine through in every scene. His direction is somehow extremely intricate and yet still extraordinarily accessible. Expect awards nomination committees to take a lot of interest this season in his direction of The Other Josh Cohen.

5. The actors are the band…and vice versa. Usually, that means that you’ll find a mix of people who are stronger at one skill or the other. This crew, however, rock it out both when playing the instruments AND when performing in scenes…and often at the same damn time! The talent on that stage is staggering.

The Other Josh Cohen is a total A+ triumphant must-see!

Runs through April 7.