Indecent is a play about a play...and a very important one, indeed. God of Vengeance opened on Broadway in 1923 with the first lesbian kiss on a Broadway stage and the cast was promptly arrested as soon as the curtain came down. This extremely relevant play tells us the story leading up to that moment and what happens next, showing us why we so desperately need art in 2017. It is also clear why it was nominated for a Tony Award® for Best Play.

Director Rebecca Taichman challenges the audience to explore the very definitions of "theater" the moment you enter the Cort Theater with her stark, stunning, and very cool direction. Anytime you walk into a theater and the cast is already on the stage, you know that it's going to be a awesome experience. The entire experience feels more like a project than a play (it is credited as being "created by" Taichman and Vogel). Many Fiddler on the Roof-ish moments sastisfy the needs of musical theater lovers and a minimal set -- with very cool effects -- help the focus to be on the superb acting from a troupe of actors who offer a masterclass in performance.

You can sense the urgency in every moment as the play asks you to question if America is and has always been the "land of the free." This urgency manifests itself throughout the play and is evidenced by the fact that the entire audience leaps to their feet the moment the curtain goes down.

Women shine in every aspect of Indecent all the way from the producer to the writer, director, and cast. Pulitzer-winning playwright Paula Vogel is a LEGEND of the American Theatre and is finally making her Broadway debut! Producer Daryl Roth has a knack for getting Pulitzer-winning plays to Broadway (she has produced more than anyone else!) and has truly championed another gem. Taichman takes Vogel's words and highlights the talent of the female-centric ensemble. 

Run, do not walk, to see Indecent before it closes on August 6th.

Photos: Carol Rosegg