The Goree All-Girl String Band is a new musical that is a part of the 2017 New York Musical Festival that tells the (true) story of six female inmates who use music to charm their way to a pardon during The Depression.

5 Reasons You Should See It:

1. There is an explosion of musical talent up on that stage. Every single one of the 13 cast members is a triple threat: acting, singing, AND playing their own instruments!

2. This show is full of radio-ready music that you could listen to again and again. Writers Artie Sievers and Michael Bradley have a true knack for songwriting.

3. There is a performance in Act Two that would win Miche Braden a Tony Award if this show ever made it to Broadway. The world stopped spinning when she busted out a song that was so sad and soulful that it made you want to stand up and testify!

4. The show is full of youthful energy. The director, the choreographer, both writers, and the vast majority of the cast are under 40, yet this show would also work well for an older crowd. Now, that's marketability!

5. Star Ruby Wolf will knock your socks off. Her fairytale eyes and enchanting voice make for a performance that borders on magic.

Runs through July 29. Tickets are only $30!

Photos: Shira Friedman Photography