Flight is an awesome new kind of theatrical experience at the McKittrick Hotel, which is the famous home of the revolutionary Sleep No More. Scottish theater company Vox Motus presented Flight at The Edinburgh International Festival to great acclaim and it is now being shown in NYC. It's art-as-storytelling-as-theater that kinda feels like reading a graphic novel with 3D glasses on. The entire experience feels intimate, even though the work is an epic triumph.

You might enjoy the experience more by going in without knowing much, but here's some base information:

-There are no live actors. 

-Audience members sit alone in a soothing booth to watch the piece.

-The story is a heartbreaking tale of European immigration.

-The sound design plays an integral part in the experience (audience members wear really nice headphones) and the chair you are sitting in includes some very light vibrations to enhance the storytelling, making it an almost 4D experience.

-It lasts only about 45 minutes, but you can check out the extraordinarily cool bars in the McKittrick afterwards, the rooftop bar Gallow Green (which is enclosed with cozy cabin vibes in the winter), the Manderley Bar or The Heath.

Flight_Vox Motus_MB2_6444.JPG

Flight is a very special, and very cool, experience.

Runs through April 20.