Disco Pigs is a landmark of absurdist theater playing at the Irish Rep.

5 reasons it’s awesome:

1. Colin Campbell is a goddamn revelation! His performance is so energetic that it will inspire you to go to the gym. He's extraordinarily honest and visceral...as boisterous as he is vulnerable! He’ll rip your freakin' heart out. Two words: Future. Megastar.

2. Evanna Lynch. Evanna counters Colin’s rocketship of a performance with a soft and loving, yet still very physical, approach to her role. Harry Potter movie fans will love getting to see Luna Lovegood in such an intimate setting!

3. John Haidar’s direction. Good direction is key in making an Enda Walsh play accessible to an audience that is new to absurdist theater. John embraces the fast-paced and dangerously energetic world of these two characters, who simply live on a different plane than the rest of us. It's extra awesome that he's not afraid to blast some 90’s club music so loud that it makes you feel like that ecstasy you dropped in 1998 just kicked back in.

Photos: Jeremy Daniel

4. Enda Walsh’s writing. Fresh off the American premiere of Ballyturk at Brooklyn’s St. Ann’s Warehouse, Irish Rep is reviving the play that shot Enda to fame in the theater world a couple of decades ago. It takes some getting used to, but once you can understand his wordplay: you feel like you’re dreaming. Fever dreaming, sure...but dreaming, nonetheless.

5. The Irish Rep’s comfortable mainstage theater makes for an extra lovely theatergoing experience. Bonus: It’s on on 22nd Street (near 7th Avenue), so you can avoid Times Square!

Disco Pigs runs through March 4.