Curiosities is immersive theater with a 1930s sideshow theme.

5 Reasons You Should See it:

1. This is very sexy theater. The show is filled with extremely intimate one-on-one experiences with a cast of hotties. This is the kind of theater that makes you want to smoke a cigarette after! It's borderline erotic...#blushingemoji

2. Live music. Everywhere. A band plays throughout the whole show in the main cabaret room and it is piped through the entire space with an old-timey radio filter. This is rare in immersive theater, where most of the music is recorded. The live music filling the entire space gives a really awesome energy to the show.

3. The set is awesome. You are transported to a completely different time and place as soon as you enter the doors of The Menagarie, the abandoned warehouse space used for this show. You can actually touch and feel a lot of the details in the secret rooms that you explore either on your own or with the guidance of one of the performers. 

Photos: Caitlin Spiess of ill Productions

4. There’s a real bar, complete with an old-timey bartender...who takes credit cards via a Square striper, hehe. Need a break from all the hot and heavy action? Grab a drink and sit back and enjoy more traditional performances in the lounge.

5. It’s not in Manhattan. Explore the awesome NYC theater that exists in the outer boroughs. Curiosities takes place in Park Slope, Brooklyn. How refreshing!

Runs through November 26.

Check out this video of Sam getting a sneak peek at the show before going to see it. Video not displaying correctly? Click here.