As You Like It

Shaina Taub and Laurie Woolery’s new musical adaptation of As You Like It is playing as part of The Public Theater’s Public Works initiative, which takes community members from around NYC and makes them a part of the creation process. It is extremely dope.

5 Reasons You Should See It:

1. This show champions diversity on a staggering scale with its utopian vision of a humanity that embraces all races and sexual orientations. 

2. The music is radio-ready and so so so good. You will walk out of the theater humming the tunes, praying they make a cast recording. 

3. Rebecca Naomi Jones. Rebecca steals the whole damn show…which is no small feat when there are literally hundreds of people in it. Her performance as Rosalind makes iambic pentameter as hilarious as an episode of 30 Rock

Photos: Joan Marcus

4. There is a number near the end of the show that is so joyous that the entire audience leaps to their feet before it's even over. This rousing standing ovation is elicited by the Arabic folk dance crew Freedom Dabka Group, who are backed by the chorus of hundreds of ensemble members from the NYC community singing an energetic new pop music showtune. This number alone makes the case against you-know-who's immigration ban.

5. It’s free! And outside! Try your luck at the lottery on the TodayTix app or get in line early at Astor Place or Central Park to get free tickets to this show, which is being performed at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. The backdrop of the real Central Park trees conspire for pure magic during the scenes that take place in a forest.

Sprint as fast as you can to experience this incredibly special new musical.

Runs until September 5.