A Strange Loop is a new Off-Broadway musical and it’s so, so, sooooo good.

5 reasons you gotta see it:

1 . Michael R. Jackson’s music. It’s rare to walk out of a new musical excited to listen to the cast recording on repeat immediately, but A Strange Loop is most definitely an exception to the rule! This is a fresh and exciting as new musical theater gets with a delicious score that gets your blood pumping and breaks your heart all at once. Oh, and Michael’s music orchestrated by Be More Chill’s impresario orchestrator Charlie Rosen? ::chef’s kiss emoji::

2. Larry Owens. Larry plays our hero in this meta and autobiographical piece and you can expert awards nomination committees to take major notice. Larry does NOT play around! Expect his brave performance to be burned into your soul for many months to come. He’s, quite simply, spectacular.

Photos: Joan Marcus

3. Stephen Brackett’s direction. Stephen directed The Lightning Thief, The Mad Ones, AND Be More Chill…so, you can imagine we’re big fans of him around here at YesBroadway. Stephen leaves the entire audience breathless for 90 minutes straight in A Strange Loop, all while letting Larry shine in every single scene.

4. The show puts queer people of color front and center. This is a universal story about figuring out what we’re all doing here together on the crazy rollercoaster called life told through the lens of a queer black man. And, bonus: All supporting cast members in this show are incredible performers that you’re going to want to add to your list of actors and actresses to watch.

5. THAT set change. You might see tweets that warn you about a really dramatic set change before you see it, but you won’t be fully prepared. This moment feels like entering into a 20-minute fever dream that will haunt you for a long time!

A Strange Loop runs through July 28.