The classic is now playing Off-Broadway in a badass new production that is as delightful to the eyes as it is terrifying to the mind!

5 Reasons You Should See A Clockwork Orange:

1. Jonno Davies. Jonno plays Alex DeLarge in a career-defining performance. Barely ever leaving the stage to catch his breath for the full 90 minutes, the hunky future megastar has swagger and acting chops that you have to see to believe. He NAILS it. 

2. Alexandra Spencer-Jones' direction. Alexandra tells Sam in the video below that she likes rock music...and that she likes it loud. "ASJ" intertwines really awesome pop music (The Gossip! Muse!) into the play, making it feel relevant for 2017. The result? This play almost feels like a musical, satisfying the craving for us musical lovers...but without scaring off jazz hands haters. You can tell that she poured her heart and soul into this production with her extremely exciting staging.

Photos: Caitlin McNaney

3. It's a throwback to the book. This production goes back to its roots as a literary masterpiece. That being said, fans of the Stanley Kubrick movie won't be disappointed.

4. The production values are outta control. First of all, you don't see any colors anywhere that aren't black, white, and orange. The set, lights, costumes, and props all help transport you into Alex DeLarge's mind and you walk out of the theater jarred by the real world, which means the creative team has done a superb job of immersing you.

5. An all-male cast of #hunkz sizzles with homoeroticism. Male members play female roles and things get a little sexy. In the video below, meet some of the stars. Bonus: Director ASJ dives deeper into why she uses pop music in the production in the video.

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Runs through December 2.