6 Broadway-Bound (We Hope!) Movie Musicals We Can't Wait For

by Brookelynn Mason

Legally Blonde: The Musical taught us that sometimes musicals based on movies can be AWESOME. Keep your eye on these 6 Broadway-bound (we hope!) musicals that are already underway!

Magic Mike
If this prequel takes Broadway by storm one day soon, you might want to come to the theater with a rag to wipe the sweat from your brow. The score is being written by Tony Award-winning songwriters Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey (If/ThenNext to Normal). There are some names you might recognize from the November 20th reading: Christopher Jackson and Jon Rua, who you might know better as "George Washington" and "General Lee" (weee!)...you know, from a small show known as Hamilton?  Ooooh yes.  Anyone else perking a brow at how our two modern major generals fit into the Magic Mike narrative?  Hmmm...

Mean Girls
Before you assume this will turn out like Mean Girls 2, let's just get this out of the way: Tina Fey herself is involved with this stage adaptation (!), and that can only mean one thing: great success. Though no theater has been announced yet for the premiere, we know that the show is set to take the stage in Washington, D.C. sometime in the Fall of 2017. Although Tina Fey joked about Broadway not seeing the musical until "2027, whenever Hamilton closes", we hope that isn't the case! If you're a fan of the Mean Girls movie, keep your eyes peeled. If you're lucky enough to score tickets, remember: always wear pink on Wednesdays.

....see this article for the what the rest of it would look like.