What We're Up Against is a play coming to Off-Broadway this Fall.

Here's What We Know So Far:

1. It stars Broadway favorites and generally awesome humans Krysta Rodriguez and Skylar Astin. Bonus: CSI's Marg Helgenberger is also in it!

2. It's a black comedy about gender politics written in 1992.

3. It's written by Smash's Theresa Rebeck, who is a Pultizer nominee known for hilarious dialogue.

wwua copy.png

L to R: Krysta Rodriguez, Skylar Astin, Marg Helgenberger, Adrienne Campbell-Holt (director), Damian Young, Theresa Rebeck (playwright), and Jim Parrack

4. Adrienne Campbell-Holt is directing it. She's the Associate Director of Dear Evan Hansen, just sayin'...

5. It's being put on at WP Theater (formerly Women’s Project Theater), the oldest and largest theater company dedicated to female-centric theater in the country. 

Starts October 28. Runs for four weeks only!