The Terms Of My Surrender

Michael Moore's one-man Broadway show is really awesome! 5 reasons you should see it:

1. This sobering, yet hopeful, 2-hour support group with 1,000 of your closest liberal friends is exactly what we need right now! Mike comforts us, but then reminds us that the man in charge of our government isn't going away...and then inspires us to take action beyond just whining on social media.

2. The script is malleable enough to work with whatever ridiculous swarm of news came out in the 22 hours since the last performance. For example, the Barcelona terrorist attack was a part of the show a mere hours after it had taken place.

3. There's a really fun game show-type segment where he pits the smartest American in the audience against the dumbest Canadian. No surprise here, the Canadian blows us away. Example: Do you know the capital of Canada? Neither did the smartest American in the room and the majority of the audience...

4. Mike is HI-LAR-EE-US! You will be doubled over in laughter for much of the show. That humor is interwoven therapeutically into the scary truths he forces us to face over and over again.

4. If you're the kind of person who just wants to run and hide for the next 4-8 years, Mike tells story after story of how one person really can make a difference. You walk out of the theater ready to fight the good fight.

Runs through October 22.

Mike helps put the popularity of #45 in perspective.