by Erin and James Ellis

Did you already know that Harry Potter Makeup Brush Wands are a thing? Yes? Cool. This is the play for you. Puffs is a twisted, relentlessly-paced expression of Potter devotion. Imagine fan-fiction occurring in realtime, performed by a cast with an improv comedy sensibility. In 90 high-energy minutes, Puffs chronicles all seven years of the Harry Potterverse, told through “the Puffs.” 

In Puffs, everyone and everything is a riff on JK Rowling’s masterwork…or at least what the writer’s lawyer felt comfortable with. Puffs has every memorable character, but with new names and exaggerated personalities, ready to deliver a hit parade of inside jokes. Narrator A.J. Ditty keeps it moving, making sure we understand the Puffs universe.

For real Potterheads, Puffs delivers. It’s a crackpot take on a beloved wizarding world. So strap in muggles, and crack a Butterbeer™, cause these Puffs get lit.

Photos: Hunter Canning