Officially titled {my lingerie play} 2017: THE CONCERT AND CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!! The Final Installation, this is NYC theater at its finest. This badass play/rock concert/protest/art installation is stunningly beautiful. Trust us, you'll be thinking about it for a long time.

5 reasons you should see it IMMEDIATELY:

1. Diana Oh, Diana Oh, Diana Oh. While not a one-woman show, Diana certainly carries the evening on her shoulders, and you'll be so glad she does. She is a true visionary, an extraordinarily talented (and hilarious!) artist, and someone who makes you feel like they are your new best friend the moment you encounter them. 

2. It has a very Hedwig And The Angry Inch vibe, but for 2017. Just like Hedwig, the music is really good. Throwbacks to the indie music scene of the early 2000s are interwoven into the storytelling and you'll feel like you're hanging at a downtown concert venue listening to your favorite band. This is RAWK, baby! Oh, and there's some really beautiful ballads as well. 

Photos: Jeremy Daniel

3. The room is an epicenter of Wokeness and feels like the safest space in the world. This is a space of empowerment where you feel inspired to start smashing the patriarchy the moment you walk in the door. Bonus: the audience is filled with humans of so many colors, genders, ages, and backgrounds. 

4. It's a really cathartic experience. Diana invites you to let in your rage about the state of the world, and some audience members even get to let it out on stage. As she says “Theatre is supposed to be the mirror or whatever the fuck and right now the world looks like shit, so our rooms are gonna be a little messy.”

5. Tickets are only $41. Not to mention, Rattlestick Playwright's Theater offers extremely discounted tickets to students and artists.

Run, do not walk, to {my lingerie play}

Runs until October 28.