In and Of Itself

By Tom Coppola

"Extraordinary" doesn't even scratch the surface when describing In & Of Itself, the up-close-and-personal magic show now playing downtown. Calling it a magic show even sounds wrong--it's a magical experience that begins the moment you walk into the space, which keeps you anticipating, thinking and gasping for a full 75 minutes!

Magician and storyteller Derek Delgaudio isn't showy in his presentation, but his sleight of hand and mind-bending acts of showmanship are staggering. Presented on an evocative but simple set, the intimacy of the Daryl Roth Theater is the perfect venue for the show.

Emotionally stimulating in all the right ways--stunning, moving (actual tears were shed—at a magic show!) and humorous, the show breaks both the theater and magic molds.

Runs through May 6, 2018.

Photos: Matthew Murphy