5 Reasons You Should See Drunk Shakespeare

1. One of the actors literally gets drunk and tries to perform Shakespeare. In this real-life version of Drunk History, one of the six actors takes a minimum of 5 shots and spirals quickly into a hilarious drunken haze that only matches...that of the audience members!

2. The crowd is refreshingly energetic and young, full of backwards hat finance bros, fun-loving Middle School English teachers on their summer break, and only a handful of people over 35 in the audience (but even those over 35 seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely!). 

3. This is “F*ck Yeah Shakespeare”. Zany, improvised, and incredibly relatable, this is about the only way that some of us are going to get into the Bard's work. If that random character has a hard-to-remember name, why not have the audience choose a memorable name like "Penis McFly" to refer to him by? Drunk Shakespeare is irreverent with a LOT of swearing.

4. It is performed in an incredibly cool space: a weird old-timey library in the middle of Times Square. The thousands of books on the shelves are color coded!

5. There’s a Kendrick Lamar dance party in it. Fight-to-the-death scenes as epic improvised dance battles? Yep.

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