Come From Away is an extremely special experience that borders on magic. This is a tour-de-force retelling of the actual events that went down in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland on and after 9/11, when dozens of planes were diverted there. The American airspace remained closed for several days immediately after the attacks, literally doubling the population of this sleepy town in a matter of hours.

Human decency and kindness are at the center of this story and it will most certainly raise your spirits during a very tough current political climate. This is easily the best 9/11 story produced in any medium so far and will, quite simply, make you want to be a better person.

An ensemble cast generously and triumphantly honors the people involved and are so good at what they do that you feel like you’re watching the actual residents of Gander tell their story. An energetic score with hints of hoedown country and Western European folk music delight on this freight train heading towards Musical Theater Heaven. There's a lot to be said when the entire audience is on their feet by the time the lights come up for the curtain call.

THIS is the kind of cool show that deserves to be on Broadway in 2017! Run, do not walk, to Come From Away.

Photos: Matthew Murphy