Banner Image: Nicolai Khalezin, Belarus Free Theatre

Burning Doors is a banned piece of theater by the Belarus Free Theatre. It is super heady and intense...and very, very, very awesome. 

5 Reasons You Should SEE IT:

1. It stars Maria Alyokhina from Pussy Riot, who just served two years in Russian jail for being a part of a protest performance staged in a church. She is a performer with a definite "it" factor and it's especially powerful to have her on the stage as a solid chunk of the evening involves telling her story.

2. Support artists that refuse to be silenced! This is the only piece of European theater that is banned by its government on political grounds. In one recent production of this piece, the entire cast AND AUDIENCE were arrested in Belarus. Yet, out of oppression comes incredibly passionate art and you'll be so glad you got to see it. These performers are not fucking around!

3. It is one of the most sensory experiences you'll ever have in a theater. Smell and touch heighten the visual and aural work of this piece, making it exceptionally visceral. This is not for the faint of heart! 

4. The production values are insane. Lighting, costumes, sets, and props are all A+, all helping to highlight the extreme physicality of the performances...without taking away from them. 

5. Tickets are only $30. Pro tip: it's general admission and we recommend getting there early to snag a seat in the first three rows, where your senses are especially assaulted.

Runs through October 22.