5 reasons why you need to see A Doll's House, Part 2:

1. You need to know nothing about “Part 1” to enjoy this stunning new play. There’s a reason it was nominated for a Tony Award® for Best Play! Written in modern parlance but set in the 1800’s, this show is super relatable with its themes of feminism and independence.

2. Laurie Metcalf (Aunt Jackie from Roseanne) gives an electric performance that will instantly make you see why she’s a legendary megastar within the theater community.

3. The cast is only 4 people and ALL FOUR of them got nominated for a Tony® for this show.

4. Director Sam Gold (also nominated for a Tony® for this play) is known for stripped down productions that let the acting shine.

5. It’s 90 minutes, no intermish. You’ll be home by 10pm, unless you decide to stay and get Aunt Jackie’s autograph.

Photos: Brigitte Lacombe