UPDATE: Hamilton's own OG Hercules Mulligan (up in it, lovin' it!) Okieriete "Oak" Onaodowan will be taking over the role of "Pierre" and succeeding Josh Groban starting in July!

Officially called "Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812", this musical is based on a section of War & Peace. While the material is super stylized (it's very dense piece of literature), the direction is innovative AF and the music is fresh and exciting. We only saw the off-Broadway production a couple of years ago, but the word on the street is that Groban makes a Broadway debut for the ages. There is also a lot of buzz around the other star, Denée Benton, also making her Broadway debut and taking over the role that Pippa Soo (Hamilton's original Eliza) originated off-Broadway. The show is a lot more energetic and the music is a lot more upbeat than the video from the official site below makes it out to be, just listen to the opening number here if you don't believe us.

Groban is with the show until July 2, with some announced dates where he won't be performing. The composer of The Great Comet, Dave Malloy, will be going on for Josh Groban in May and June! This would be like seeing Lin-Manuel Miranda perform the role of Alexander Hamilton, so it is not to be missed. Dave is going on: 

Thursday May 4 - Tuesday May 9, all performances

Tuesday June 13 @ 7pm

Tuesday June 20 @ 7pm

Tuesday June 27 @ 7pm

If you are looking to see one or the other, pay special attention to the notes when you buy tickets.

 Also, look at the seating chart when buying tickets and be aware that a large portion of the theater is set up cabaret-style with table service and the performances happening all around you. Those seats are definitely the better option, if you can spring for the high prices.

Photos: Chad Batka

Photos: Chad Batka