Broadway hunk Matt Doyle has a big...2017 coming up! The star of The Book of Mormon, Spring Awakening, and Brooklynite recently taught his last class as a trainer at Barry's Bootcamp to focus on all his other projects. We spoke with Matt about what he's got going on in 2017 besides that smoking hot body:


He will be performing songs from Uncontrolled, the album he released last year, at Joe's Pub on January 21. He will chase your winter blues away with laid-back vibes and really catchy pop tunes from his album in addition to covers of crowd favorites like Stevie Wonder and Radiohead. We're hoping he throws in "Fall For Me" from his album, a groovy pop number that makes you feel like you are dancing outside on a warm summer day.

Listen to Uncontrolled on Apple Music and Spotify:

Photo: Luke Fontana

Photo: Luke Fontana


Matt is starring as Anthony in the upcoming Off-Broadway immersive Sweeney Todd, which he calls "Matt In A Nutshell" because this is the exact kind of theater he's attracted to. In his words, “It's going to push me to let down my guard a little bit to have to interact with the audience like that and not be afraid to push them around a bit and test their boundaries, which has always been fascinating to me.” The very idea of the insanely talented Matt, with his incredible stage presence, performing Sondheim songs is enough to make anyone weak in the knees. Good luck getting tickets! It's almost completely sold out.

A smoking hot BRAIN

His comic Dents, which he created with 2 Broke Girls star Beth Behrs, is being made into a television series! The comic explores a dystopian 2111 and there was a lot excitement in his voice about not being able to tell us what network has bought that sounds big! So, now we can add "animated television" to the list of industries that Matt is making a name for himself in. When does this guy ever sleep?

Besides being an incredible artist, Matt is also a generally awesome human being, with inspiring courage about these tough political times: "We are facing something so beyond anything we have experienced as Americans before, so I’m not afraid to be loud about it. If you don’t see the danger of this man, we can’t even have a conversation. We have to kick and scream and be loud and protect ourselves. 'It will be over in 4 years' is not okay." 

Matt is quite simply the kind of person that immediately turns anyone who encounters him into the human version of the heart eyes emoji. Get more of him in your life in 2017!