The HamilApp, And Why More Broadway Shows Need This

by Brookelynn Mason

It's been a great few weeks, er...years, for Hamilton: an American Musical. Aside from the fan-run Hamilton Happy Hour and the Los Angeles opening of the tour, we now have the glory that is the Hamilton mobile app. That's right -- the very first Broadway show to EVER have a mobile app of its very own. So, I say to the Broadway community: this should have happened already, you need to get on board with this, and here's why:

*Visibility for shows that aren't as well known or sought after. The HamilApp saw over 500k downloads in its first three days on the market. Granted, Hamilton is a really popular show...but with its camera filters and social media integration capabilities, you can spread the word about a show with just a few finger taps and a perfectly timed selfie! Stream your show's cast recording, upload relevant news articles to the news feed...the possibilities are endless. 

*Connections. The features found within the HamilApp have brought people together over a shared interest. It has strengthened a fandom, which strengthens consumerism. Being able to watch the live stream of the Los Angeles Ham4Ham with all of the other people who also have the app is a special moment. Imagine if we could see backstage streams, or special event streams of all the shows on Broadway!

*Admitting musical theater into pop culture. Hamilton has arguably been at the forefront of making Broadway more accessible to the average person rather than a specific niche. Putting more shows on more mobile devices and integrating more musical theater into the main stream is just a DAMN good idea.

Don't throw away your shot, Broadway execs! There's dolla dolla bills in this, and the rise of the Broadway community in the digital age. You don't want to wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

 Banner Image: Joan Marcus