7 Reasons You Need The Falsettos Cast Recording In Your Life

by Tom Coppola

Ghostlight Records recently released the sublime Broadway revival cast recording of Falsettos. The show has been a cult favorite since it premiered in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Here are seven reasons why you should listen to this new recording — and prepare yourself for conversion into a Falsettos superfan:

“I’m Breaking Down”

Stephanie J. Block slays in this rendition of a woman on the brink from a failed marriage due to her husband’s infidelities…with men. The only thing missing from the recording is the marvel that is Block singing the end of the song with a half-eaten banana in her mouth, which she did every night in the show.

It’s the first fully recorded version of the show

The original 90’s recording is combined of the two original one-act musicals that make up the plot--March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland--and doesn't include all the songs from the revival. This album provides all of the sung dialogue and full songs from the show in its entirety.

Anthony Rosenthal

Rosenthal’s portrayal of soon-to-be-Bar-Mitzvahed Jason is equal parts precocious and mature as he struggles with identity, puberty, Jewish studies and loss. A fine performance by such a young actor ensures that he has a long career ahead. Check him out hosting our coverage of the red carpet for the Newsies movie above to get excited about his tracks on the Falsettos recording!

The Story

Set in the early 1980’s at the cusp of the AIDS crisis, Falsettos was ahead of its time when it premiered on Broadway in 1992. The plot is even considered provocative by today's standards. Marvin leaves his wife for a man. Said (now ex-) wife ends up romantically involved with Marvin’s psychiatrist. Their son is on the verge of turning 13 and is fraught with anxiety dealing with puberty and this new family dynamic...and that’s just the beginning.

Christian Borle

Already a two-time Tony Award winner, he stands to be nominated TWICE (!) this year in the same category (Best Leading Actor in a Musical) for his performance as Marvin and for playing Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Music

Despite the sometimes difficult subject matter, William Finn’s sung-through show is filled with humor, tenderness, gorgeous harmonies and infectious tunes sung by some of the most glorious voices on Broadway today.  

Brandon Uranowitz

Expect to hear Uranowitz’s name announced as a Tony nominee as a result of his performance here. As Mendel, the psychiatrist who begins courting Marvin’s wife after she starts coming to him for therapy, he projects neurosis, insecurity and ineffectiveness with his hilarious take on the role.

You can get the album on Ghostlight's website here, where you can also click through to get it on iTunes!

Photos: Joan Marcus